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Things you will see a lot of on this blog include but are not limited to: Dangan Ronpa, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, Cornetto Trilogy, TF2, Welcome to Night Vale and shit-stupid humour.

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the difference between tap dancing and step dancing, adorably illustrated.

we watched this clip in my dance appreciation class last year, it is A++


that this is the first thing to come up says a lot


close your eyes. let my words wash over you. you are safe now.



A fullmetal alchemist au where everything is the same except ed binds al’s soul to a Fisher Price Corn Popper



sometimes i think about how portal was a game with no male characters, featuring a WOC protagonist and an excellent female antagonist who were both anything but sexualised, and yet somehow still managed to create an interesting and engaging experience for female and male gamers alike, win awards, and get a sequel, and then i look at people who say “games with female protagonists don’t sell” and i laugh. for a very long time.


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I draw them way to little, beside they are one of my favorite characters in TF2, I love them both so freaking much and every time I want to draw something with them I quit so fast, but this time I had to do it, because I fell for both of them every time so fucking fast!

I love them as friends and as lovers you can see this here as you want, I just freakin love their civilclothes in the new Comic Update and saw this as a good reason to draw them.

Solly and Demo are just two wonderful cute babbus uvu


#this comic went places

endless list of animated characters: 2/∞
Chel - “Think you’re the only ones who dream of better things? Of adventure? You’ve got your reasons and I’ve got mine.”

The World’s End (UK - USA - Japan, 2013)

Track: Life On Mars?
Artist: David Bowie
Album: Hunky Dory

it’s a godawful small affair to the girl with the mousey hair



"What kind of music do you listen to?"


"What else do you listen to?"image